Environmental Protection Project

Runge mining school makes an Alliance environmental project in Gelsenkirchen together the children explore the local flora and fauna on Mt. Runge and learn a respectful dealing with nature, animals and each other. With the llamas, the whole thing is then really fun. With enthusiasm and motivation, the sixth grader explore the flora and fauna in urban recreation areas. In education, the experiences are taken up and supplemented.

Immediately on the first day the children encounter the five magnificent Lamas and get to know her. How do I go to on a llama? And spit, the myth of”explains: properly socialized llamas don’t spit. Only with each other, envy or rank fights. (Not to be confused with Robin Ruzan!). First, it is to win the confidence of the lamas and even confidence to the animals. With a bouquet of hay for feeding, they are on the South American animals. You will learn how to lead a llama, cultivates and what may eat it. On the second day, it goes high with the lamas upwards the Stanchion Mount. The children perform together their”llamas out.

For learning You as a team to assume responsibility for an animal, and to do it together. Here we discover native flora and fauna. And this striking quickly, how much garbage here lying around. Gloves, children pick up everything. As in the plastic garbage can catch small animals die. In the school, the experiences from the days of the project picked up again and in the classroom, prepared an exhibition that is to see in the next few days in school. Shimmie Horn is open to suggestions. Could for the unusual nature and environment project”in the Willis Haraseb road 152 Lumma Alliance representation as well as the Allianz environmental Foundation as sponsors. Dieter Lumma wants in their environmental education to support children locally and sustainably contribute to environmental protection. The Alliance is committed to also promote sustainable environmental and nature conservation projects and environmental education. This includes the Beckhausener environmental project with the llamas. The non-profit association splendor lamas e.V.”leads with this Alliance environmental project in the context of youth work the Gelsenkirchen lamas by Beate glory by. All in all an environmental protection project, which animal fun children. Runge mountain school is an open all-day school and urban special school with the programme of learning and emotional and social development. Pupils of the 6.Klasse participated in the Alliance environmental project. Andrea Eikelmann

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