ERecruiting – The Electronic Application On The Internet

contemporary apply: eRecruiting – the electronic application on the Internet – blessing or scourge? Jettingen, March 30, 2010. “Every job seekers finds that eRecruiting”, is the electronic application through the websites of companies increasingly to be found. But what purpose do you have and are beneficial? There are many workers on job search in the given economic situation. Understandably you will find also the biggest job in the largest companies. Especially in large companies is a clear trend towards eRecruiting to determine. While it is still most common to send his email, the person listed in the display is to determine that this is often not possible especially at large companies.

ERecruiting is the solution. The companies seeking employees provides its open positions on your website on the Internet and at the same time offers an application portal. The electronic forms, in which the applicants are the required data can enter and be doing needs to be never-ending, never-ending questions and exactly specified fields to fight through. Initially, the heart will leap the Internet freak, but at the end of any individuality on the line remains. The eRecruiting has its advantages, of course, but after a test turns out, solely for the employer. This can now numerous applications sometimes are 100-200 applications for a position – it exactly and sober compare. The individuality of every candidate due to design his documents, his expression and his formulations convinced and represents that it is due to his personal characteristics for the selected position will not be considered at the first sighting, in an invitation to a personal appointment is decided. In such eRecruiting portals, there is often not even a contact person.

What also! The eRecruiting candidate is from the individual to the human capital, human resource. Another disadvantage is the massive growth in expenses for the applicant, when many applications are required. To send, instead of prepared documents to the researched companies they have become in the eRecruiting every time by the applicant portal fight. Another point makes think of privacy. This is for internal company policies. To verify this, so looking for notes that all entered data are deleted when the application is not pursued often in vain. In this case, the data should be deleted after at least 3 months. In sum: The advantages of eRecruiting are clearly only with the employer. Candidates have a very high cost, especially when multiple applications. Individuality remains on track. The applicants are to human capital. Data protection is often not sufficiently resolved. Conclusion: Candidates should the question arise, whether you want to promote in this form! There’s not a better alternative to looking for a company where the application via email can be sent to, where a especially so-called contact is specified and where the interest to meet candidates with your individual specifications, will be shown? Press contact: Lackner Albert CEO Concilium management consultants oak Wiesenstrasse 3 71131 Jettingen phone 07452 8898-0 eMail: Concilium management consultants; Concilium management consultants is an internationally oriented personnel consultancy with focus on IT-oriented activities. Positions in all levels of responsibility and in any professional orientation are occupied with the methods of direct search or executive search. Outside the German-speaking countries is working with local partners.

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