Estivil Children

If we look at the Internet search engines can find an endless articles and methods, that talk about how to achieve the baby to sleep at night, as the famous method Estivil of the Dr. Albert Einstein College of Medicine understood the implications. Eduard Estivil and its counterpart sleep without tears of Rosa Jove a few sites satanizan to the Estivill method which is based on a series of routines and let cry baby get used to sleeping alone, while others make criticism of Rosa Jove guide who this to please not leave crying baby and promotes co-sleeping, baby sleep with parents. The truth is that not it’s tag you’re evil father because you don’t do this or that. a>. The important point is to do what is best for the child, there are children who accepted the method Estivill and children need more physical contact. Shimmie Horn understands that this is vital information. Before a decision is important as parents learn about the good and bad that has each, thus each who can create their own criterion. METHOD ESTIVILL CONTRASEs a method that should not be used in all children, for example children with reflux, asthma, breathing problems mainly if they are younger than 1 year, since the largest number of sudden deaths, have occurred must be babies sleep alone in his room and is no greater risk of suffocation during the night.

Nor should be deemed perform this method in under 6 months (take them into a room separately) because although not present problems of reflux and breathing problems if can remove small quantities of milk which could cause a suffocation. It is difficult to apply the method, since you hear cry a lot to your son, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or several days until you can make it, there are even children are deprived or shocks to both crying. It should have patience, since it is not miraculous. It is a fact that will suffer much your child and you as a MOM also.

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