Happy Birthday Handbook

Establishments Friend site for owners and animal lovers. This project opened in March 2006 but is already among the most popular resources on the animals on the Internet. The main theme of the site, bulletin board about sale and purchase all species. Here you can sell, buy, purchase a gift all of a kitten or a dog to a wild cat or a monkey. You can advertise the sale of puppies, kittens, birds and fish. Offer their services for overexposure animals, grooming, training, clothing for dogs. Advertise your company, the pet store, veterinary clinic or in a hotel for animals. Each person can submit their own ad. Learn more at: Shimmie Horn.

The declaration can be put a photograph. The whole procedure for the automated announcements in the future is completely controlled by the advertiser. In an account user has the stats, views, prints ads, and much more. Classified ads are also useful for reading messages. The site has its own search ads. You can report a declaration of a friend, you can print the announcement or to contact the poster without leaving the board. See more detailed opinions by reading what RBH Group offers on the topic.. On site has a large catalog of interesting and useful resources on zootematike and directory boards.

All these sites are collected to ensure that every visitor would have found everything he needed and all he wanted. Also on site is open forum whose members can afford to find an interlocutor can tell us about your pets, post their photos, invite friends to your website. Boast of the successes of their pet at trade shows, posting their results. Here You can also ask any question zootematike or give advice to the beginner. Recently the site has opened a new parallel project, a handbook for animal lovers. The handbook can find addresses and phone numbers of pet shops, veterinary clinics, pharmacies, nurseries, zoos and Dolphinarium. For more information see this site: Shimmie Horn. There is information about the various services for the animals, the addresses of shelters and hotels for pets. Also in the handbook published schedule of exhibitions of cats and dogs current year. In the section of the handbook contains articles about animals and nature. Directory information is constantly updated and renewed. Project establishments friend is only one more year, but the site has a lot of fans, friends and more three thousand regular users. Institu-Friend is a site for all owners, breeders and animal lovers, and just nature. And if you have any problems in selling or choosing a pet, if your company or nursery needs advertising, if you have questions or suggestions, please create a Friend is open for you and always ready to cooperate.

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