International Real Estate Crisis

The U.S. housing slump drags on talking to several countries in international investment in properties due to weak consumer and Dollar and the progressive loss of jobs since 2007. USA with an average age in the 50’s after the baby boom, I must be spending his golden age and beginning to plan the withdrawal of million Americans in nearby countries. This was the key idea why nearby countries to the USA began to build holiday complex overlooking this group Baby Boomers! countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and some others this was the key idea to sell their projects to market billionaires mostly North American and European, which has become a nightmare for many companies that are in a situation in which they have not sold or its minimum. The big question is when it will end the crisis? and if the change of government could solve it quickly? 6 key points at which the housing market worsened in the upcoming 2009 The number currently on the market for sale overseas in non-State Worse have been sold and most catastrophic of or houses that are not currently paying their mortgage and will be repossessed in the future, these properties exceed 7 times the current foreclosure or foreclosed homes and will need a minimum of 8 months be repossessed by the bank, the more time after being repossessed, sold …. averaged over 14 months for the North American market with these numbers we go to 2010 (until the foreclosures market is not selling prices may continue to fall logically) rising unemployment and jobs destruction of consumer distrust in the housing sector financial institutions in the U.S.

have changed the system of mortgage loans with a reduction of over 60% in the money supply. aid plan of 750 billion dollars of government Americans according to the best economist is only a needle in a haystack where the problem is greater than anticipated. The gates of a U.S. recession could be a reality if the market does not change in different directions and jobs are created. My personal opinion is these factors: that the market will remain in the low real estate prices until early 2010 which is not stabilized but did not rise.

On the separate states in the U.S. (As opposed to Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta). you could see clearly that cities like Miami or Las Vegas, which its economy was based on the Turim without industry base and the housing bubble was almost a fiction film, would be the first to fall which have fallen sharply stronger than expected with low estate of more than 60% not saved even cities like Detroit industry has been hit hard due to the decrease in sales of cars and high unemployment Chicago and New York even with this crisis and falling property prices the market is moving rapidly talking in terms of home sales and is expected to be solid and safe market to invest. California, depending on the areas has been hard hit, surprisingly multi-million dollar real estate being sold easier than those without.

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