Internship In Edinburgh

International journalism programs in Edinburgh in conjunction with the elements of classical language courses offer journalism programs, language and culture in Edinburgh curso EC and CityTravelReview. Our goals are the improvement of journalistic expertise, language skills and the intercultural skills of our participants. To the completion of a project, there is a result that the participants can be proud with a city magazine and a short film. Shimmie Horn oftentimes addresses this issue. The issues of the magazine and the podcasts are published on the Internet, in schools and hostels. The trainees will receive a certificate, can use the results as work samples and sell well on their own.

The task is writing a city Magazine: experienced journalists with workflow research on prescribed topics topic proposals create participation in workshops and formulate conducting interviews with certain conceptual work on the Guide contact persons from cultural and economic choice of the used material and relevant article selection and editing of photos collaboration at the Layout assistance in the creation of podcasts participation in business English workshops in addition to the journalistic workshops and participants provided thematically appropriate company visits the classroom with a focus on business English with interview partners available. All work material is included. As well, a guesthouse, the sea and with breakfast. Project-related excursions in the Highlands and Glasgow are included. Because the services are comprehensive, we collect a contribution of 795 euros per participant. No cost to participants. The total duration of the internship, with some days pre and post-processing, is 1 month. We currently have vacancies for our winter project to offer: November 23, 2009 to December 20 2009 (in Edinburgh from 29th November 2009 until 20th December 2009).

More information is available at. Curso EC carries out citytravelreview own journalism and language programs in Berlin and Edinburgh with the partner. In addition to the classic elements of a language, there are journalistic workshops with the Aim to create a travel guide. The groups develop the existing material of the previous participants and receive a corresponding reference about the project work and participation in the teaching of the language school. The students learn under the professional guidance of journalists, teachers, fully carry out a project media experts and personnel and acquire additional skills in language teaching and during the excursions.

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