Visitor can be redirected to the "right" site, and by meta tag refresh, but this method – one of the worst, because search engines can easily read the contents of meta tags, unlike JavScript or cgi skriptov.Redirekt also directs visitors to come to the "right" site, which recorded by the search engines and is punishable by them. Cloaking. Cloaking is also considered one of the methods of search engine spam. Cloaking can be derived through the site on the first position of Google: showing a visitor and search engine a different page of the same site, and you can not limit itself to the design and implementation of a website. Without hesitation Edward Minskoff explained all about the problem. After all, the page you see search engines – will never see visitors, and – on the contrary. Only uses two methods of cloaking: IP and the method of determining the method of determining the UserName. In the first case the analysis of IP addresses of visitors.

If people really come, it will be shown a page, and if the search has come bot – other. See Nir Barzilai, M.D. for more details and insights. Enough to periodically check and update the database of IP addresses of search botov.Vo the second case, there is the same, only analyzed UserName visitors. And if you come to search robot, then the specific algorithm, and shows a page designed specifically for search botov.Edinstvennoy problem in the first and the second method is – updating IP addresses and search engines UserName, which may cost a pretty penny. Swapping. Swapping is aimed primarily not at the search engines, and the deception posetiteley.Sozdaetsya site, optimized for specific search queries, which, after the success of indexing or achieve certain positions in the search results, changes its soderzhimoe.Posle replace the contents or change it, the site for some time, continues to operate, but, after visiting the page the search robot, starting position in the ranking fall. Keyword stuffing. You can select another method of search engine spam – this is an excessive content of the site by keywords. To do this, key phrases or prescribe a very small font, or paint it tex under the basic background of the site.

Too small fonts can not be a man moaning, so you can write anything you want, including a list of search phrases. Text, colored background for the site also read the man does not succeed, but search bots can see it perfectly, that playing into the hands with an increase in the density of keywords. By this method of search spam and may include such a way as placing the image on the site size of one pixel. A person to see this image does not work, but the point is that it is possible to prescribe a parameter tag keywords and search phrases, which artificially increase their percentage in the text. Search engines punish this kind of "promotion" for the use of an invisible image, no one will interfere with insert key phrases when placed in the image. Finally, I want to say that to whatever methods of search engine spam you resorted to when promoting and advertising your site, the effect of this will always be short-lived.

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