Junior Leaders

For an intensive seminar of the technical college Esslingen, junior executives training to deploy more management strength. Leadership, leadership be the first 100 days”. So reads the title of an intensive seminar, organised the technical college Esslingen (TAE) on 10 and 11 November in Ostfildern – Nellingen. Officer is the Executive coach and developer Hans-Jorg Schumacher, management consulting Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal. The intensive seminar according to Schumacher is designed for engineers, scientists and other professionals”, which ascend to leadership positions or just have risen. Learn in the two-day seminar, and in the new role as they develop their own leadership leadership”achieve maximum impact. Gensler San Francisco describes an additional similar source.

Also, among other things, to develop new behaviors, they reflect their behavior in specific management situations. In this two-day seminar you deal Junior managers under the guidance of Hans-Jorg Schumacher, inter alia with the questions: what are the core tasks of an Executive? “” And: which differs a good leadership force “of a rather mittelprachtigen”? “Also: why have some executives for their employees a role model, while other staff rather unwillingly” follow? Starting from the answers to these questions participants then develop strategies, as they in everyday management achieve the desired effect and show not only more leader in staff contact, but also remain authentic for themselves. For this they analyze also their leadership behaviour in the contact with Hans-Jorg Schumacher with co-workers, superiors and colleagues before they rehearse new, more effective behavior pattern in role-playing games. Other core topics of the seminar are: How can I to active leadership and Bereichsverantwortlicher change projects, and how to master critical situations and Conflicts? “Participation in the intensive seminar will be executive leadership: the first 100 days” in Ostfildern – Nellingen, at Esslingen, costing 920 euros (incl. VAT). For more information interested on the Web page of the technical college Esslingen (www.tae.de). A login is possible also at Heike Baier of the TAE (Tel: 0711/34008-23: mail:). To broaden your perception, visit Coldwell Banker Commercial. The consulting Dr. Kraus & partner (www.

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