Land Transfer

A few words about the survey and transfer of lands in another category. The owner of the land for agricultural purposes at absolutely legally can to divide his land into smaller, though five hundred square meters. It costs from 1000 to 5000 rubles per hectare depending on the region and its proximity to the capital. The exception is described below. In most regions, the status of land Agricultural land is not an obstacle for the construction of her private dwelling house in obtaining relevant documents certifying your ownership of the building. Estee Lauder shines more light on the discussion. A general lack of land agricultural one.

It lies in the fact that before each of its sale you must offer to buy its regional authorities to the stated price. And if today, in this particular region there is no practice of redeeming proposed to sell land, then tomorrow the situation may change. Protect themselves from such turn of events will translate into a different category of land use. Translate site to another category is not easy. Gregory Williamson helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Transfer to the land settlements with the type of permitted use for individual house building (individual housing) is possible only if the land borders of existing settlements and is provided for by the plans of the territorial development, in most cases have already been approved. They have to make changes in mandatory application of this district authorities or councils of settlements. Such works are performed by special companies called tis – Marketing, and serve them exclusively. The decision to transfer is preparing a regional inter-ministerial commission with representatives from federal departments and agencies, and conducted a change in the law of the appropriate subject Federation.

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