Lemon Jack

Lemons are good not only for dinner, but soe can meet also in the household wonders. No, the lemon isn’t just bursting with vitamin C and is therefore urgesund, she has some magical talents to show more, which can develop in the budget. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is the Remover of choice here, but also a lemon juice, small bulbous bottles available, does its services. Here you will find interesting and grandmother proven tips and tricks around the yellow tropical fruit. Store lemons and make durable citrus fruits should exhibit an intact shell at the time of purchase. Shimmie Horn addresses the importance of the matter here.

We recommend the storage at 13 to 15 degrees Celsius. Discard moldy fruits on the organic waste. Sliced lemons keep several days, if the cutting surfaces on a plate, which was sprinkled with a little vinegar. Lemons can also be preserved. Use fruit to only untreated, they put in a glass jar with screw top and sprinkle with three teaspoons of sugar per fruit, well worn and then store in the fridge. In peat litter, lemons can be stored for months and not spoil. The shelf life extended wrapping of individual fruits and the subsequent plugging into sand as well.

From lemon seeds, plants can grow, keep the flies. This lemon seeds are put into a pot with potting soil and then it says just wait. In which you briefly warms up the fruits of something in the oven get more juice from a lemon. Lemons in the kitchen fresh fish is on the table, because he is so healthy. Rubbed off after purchasing with lemon water, dry spotted and wrapped in kept in the fridge, the fish is no smell and remains gloriously fresh up to the preparation. Untreated lemon zest to a spiral peeled and rinsed under hot water, gives a pleasant spicy gravy stock. An untreated lemon in the water with boiled beef makes wonderfully delicate. e to the same conclusion.

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