Lilli Cremer Altgeld

As the formation in Germany can be saved it will be not easy for the new Federal Government to motivate people to more education, science and research. It is even more difficult when the subject of highly gifted ‘ be. Because ABI with 16, 20 diploma and the PhD with 21 in the bag – the exceptions in the highly gifted. The majority of the highly talented struggle with their giftedness. The psychologist Jurgen von Valera provides hypotheses about the distribution and characteristics of giftedness: the first group of talented lives satisfied (approximately 1/3) and is successful with the talent. The second group of gifted (approximately 1/3) than latent ‘ is progressing despite talent these people not as desired. The third group of the gifted (about 1/3) is called Underachiever’ known (centers). From their point of view for a good reason, you deny skills and talents.

Many highly talented feel simply not understood. And they do not understand the other. Pull back into their own world in clubs such as such as Mensa, or in forums such as the Forum of giftedness – drama or success story?’. Here it is to use and to offer these people and opportunities, to recognize their giftedness, so that they can live it. And hence a valuable contribution to society can afford. The high talent expert Lilli Cremer Altgeld has it created a new blog: Barbel – undetected point – Lilli Cremer Altgeld, coach, market and social researcher, author and works as a radio presenter in the higher education sector. Through their publications and their seminars in Europe, Africa and the United States became known to a wider public. Cremer Altgeld was the University of Witten/Herdecke University curator, coaches today talented people and is a moderator of the Forum ‘Giftedness – drama or success story’. Created blogs, to the topics of giftedness, most talent and children’s universities in Europe.

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