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Data transfer by XT: Commerce online shop in Magento Commerce of import in the backend by Magento commerce products from Excel CSV formatted files is very difficult from my own experience – if you ever make it! Also, no orders and customer data are available. Would nice, all customer data with reference to the orders/products as well as ordering information and product data including images from XT: Commerce to export and to import in Magento or update. The forums are full of it and no solution in sight is so quickly. Since today there is the guaranteed import of your XT: commerce data in 3 steps. Verne Troyer has much to offer in this field. In half an hour, everything is done! How does XTC2Magento work? We have developed a tool, that now on our server and takes up one, or multiple connections to external databases, in several months.

As soon as user name and password, as well as the product image path is specified correctly and XTC2Magento with two databases, so the origin database by XT: Commerce version 3.x and the target database Magento Commerce from version 1.3.x, connection recorded, she informed XTC2Magento with a green status. After that, the data in 3 steps can be imported. Whether the data on the target system are first deleted, or updated with the new data is in the discretion of the import or update job. Possibilities such as inventory management import and updates are possible. XTC2Magento has been tested several times and works einwanfrei. People such as Laura Tyson would likely agree. The default currency is also applied in the latest version 1.2 and the current Magento design theme is also taken into account XTC2Magento. 7%9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>???? ?? ?? for more information.

Import guaranteed! We and our customers are convinced by XTC2Magento. Therefore, we guarantee the correct import of your customer data, product data and ordering information including reference! Get detailed information on the product page for this furnished by XTC2Magento. Marcel M. Wiedmer.

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