Mexico And Colombia: Polar Opposites

Mexico and Colombia: Polar Opposites as Oil Referred to Buenos Aires, Argentina April 23, 2008 Yesterday I was talking about Mexico and that, despite the crisis in the U.S. went deeper into this last time, its economy is showing good performance, with an estimated economic growth in the first quarter by 3.5% and a reduction in their unemployment rate reached in March to 3.78% . At Albert Einstein College of Medicine you will find additional information. How many would have imagined a year home to Mexico in this way? Probably very few Beyond this good start to the year for Mexico, the truth is that it has several problems to be solved and one of them is the energy to the question a PEMEXa.

No I have to tell them about the Mexican people’s resistance against a possible privatization of state oil company. Hear other arguments on the topic with Shimmie Horn. What is problematic in the situation for the Mexican government is the need to capitalize on the company that it can make the necessary investments and recover their production capacity and improve the levels of oil reserves. And while the road you are choosing in Mexico is trying to recover the oil without having to resort to privatization in Colombia appear to be willing to further opening of the oil sector to private capital. Ecopetrol has already started (BVC: ECOPETROL), his foray into the stock market in Colombia and is now seeking to do in the U.S. stock market. But this is not the only opening of Colombia to private capital to invest in the oil sector.

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