In this work shows its multilevel model and Multidimension sets where five whole levels in education (individual, social, community, Planetarium and kosmico) and binds them with the dimensions of being (cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual and body aesthetics) and this comes from the comprehensive vision for the formation of human beings with academic knowledge but with consciousness of being in all its dimensions, an education for life, which serves the development of the new man of the 21st century on a global basis. Since the beginning of my training as a holistic educator, when I discovered this differentiation, marked a part water, these concepts are in which most I put my effort to disseminate so teaching colleagues understand that the student deserves is respect him, listen carefully to modify the results, many times I heard colleagues mention that from now on they would treat their students as human beings, and my question was, do then as what they tried them?. This is one of my favorite books as you open your eyes to the way of making education holistic, involves the interdependence between what is comprehensive society and the evolution of consciousness through the holistic educator and his practice of holistic education. In the book, education and spirituality Dr. Gallegos Nava speaks about the relevance made clear that education holistic there is need to develop spirituality in students, and that term has caused controversy in the field of educators who are unaware of the principles, philosophy, holism deep vision because it creates confusion between religion and spiritualityIt should be clear for the holistic educator secular spirituality is experience, religion is belief, spirituality makes us autonomous and conscious, religion makes us dependent and unconscious. The espiritualidad is based on meditative practice, in the development of mindfulness, says Dr.

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