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The CADEME had for purpose to promote in all domestic territory, the education, training, whitewashing and educational assistance of the deficient children delayed and other mental of any age or sex (MAZZOTTA, 1996). In this period, together with the amplest quarrels on university reform and popular education, the State increases the number of special classrooms, mainly for deficient mental, in the public schools. On this, Blacksmith (1989) and Jannuzzi (1992), they clarify that in the special education for individuals that present mental deficiency it has a directly proportional relation enters the increase of chances of escolarizao for the most popular classrooms and the implantation of special classrooms for light mental deficiency in the public regular schools. Throughout the decade of 60, the biggest expansion in the number of schools of seen special education already in the country occurred. In 1969, it more than had 800 deficient special educational establishments for mental, about four times more than what the existing amount in the year of 1960. Whereas, in the decade of 70 we observe in the countries developed ample quarrels and questionings on the integration of deficient the mental ones in the society, in Brazil happens at this moment the institutionalization of the Special Education in terms of planning of public politics with the creation of the National Center of Educao Especial (CENESP), in 1973. The practical one of the social integration in the world-wide scene had its bigger impulse from years 80, consequence of the movements of fight for the rights of the deficient ones. In Brazil, this decade also represented a time marked for many social fights undertaken by the kept out of society population. The social changes, despite more in the intentions of what in the actions, they had been if revealing in diverse sectors and contexts and, without a doubt some, the legal envolvement in these changes was of basic importance.

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