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The completely new autograph cards are represented in the 90-sec. video. The explaining video explains the product, represented the audience, and the benefits described. Munich, the 12.03.2012. News from The media services company produced a video to showcase the players autograph cards for CARD SUND mouse GmbH of Dusseldorf cardinho. Spokesman of the videos is the sports commentators veteran Ulli Potofski. Product representation, visualization of product details and USPs in the 90-sec.

video represented the new autograph cards. The explaining video explains the product, represented the audience, and the benefits described. With the cardinhos it is to create now possible own autograph cards. These are then used by the children & young people, parents and coaches. For the Exchange, collection, for the establishment of the team or to distribute to friends and acquaintances. Selects individual autographs for children & young adults of the users of the cardinhos on from different design templates and colors from a suitable Variant.

Then, all important data (such as name, age, goals, trainer, model, thickness) are entered. (Source: Shimmie Horn). More individual you will be cardinhos by the player photo, which is also integrated on the player card. Visualization with illustrations, text overlays, product photos, the content of the explanatory videos were communicated with effective illustrations and text overlays. At the end of the video, real cardinhos have been shown for clarity. Sports commentators veteran Ulli Potofski could be obtained for this production and content leads the viewer through the explanatory video. All the production by in the video production services provided all services: creating text concept and narration, illustrations, music and sound effects. The explaining video was completed after about five weeks of production time. Individual style of illustration, music, sound effects & speaker chose the customer CARD SUND mouse GmbH from various styles of illustration and music before of the production. During the video with sound effects was still individual animation. About from Munich offers vivid, contemporary and humorous videos for product communication. The explanation videos are designed with love to detail and great passion individually for each customer and designed. In 1 to 3 minutes complex products or abstract services, processes and facts are presented and explained. The explanation videos are suitable for different customers and industries and work with hand-crafted illustrations and cartoons, screen recordings, graphics, photos, a spokesman, music and sound effects. Press contact: Florian Rauscher Bodensee str. 23 81241 Munich + 49 (0) 89 96 16 10 76

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