No Change In Energy Policy Without Deep Geothermal Energy

There was optimism due to previous operating experience with geothermal plants at the 8th International Geothermiekonferenz. Freiburg, 30.05.2012 – from the experience learning and tackle the challenges that could be the conclusion of the IGC 2012, are the international Geothermiekonferenz, which was held last week for the eighth time in Freiburg. Four days long offered a comprehensive insight into the current state of deep geothermal energy the nearly 300 participants over 70 speakers. The topics ranged from potential assessments and improvements before exploring over questions of financing and economy to experience reports with geothermal power plants and their components. Especially the last point is increasingly appreciated by the participants. Many plants are now already some years in operation and so more can serve as a basis for improvements in new projects.

Wolfgang Geisinger called by the municipal company of geothermal Unterhaching in his lecture to a greater exchange of experience in the Industry on. After approximately three years of operation of the Geothermiekraftwerks in Unterhaching and many challenges he saw cause for optimism: improvements to the submersible circulation pumps, for example, had in the past few months very positively impacted. The deep geothermal energy on the learning curve to progress and in the coming years is to make their contribution to the energy revolution showed in other presentations. Professor Jefferson William Tester from the Cornell University therefore called in his keynote at the beginning of the Congress, that the geothermal energy in national energy plans must receive greater weight to achieve the projected achievements of United Nations World Climate Council. The example of Reykjavik, which once regularly disappeared under a cloud of smog served as a symbol of a geothermally distinct energy transition. Today Iceland is pioneer in the use of geothermal energy, Reykjavik back clean air and an attractive industrial location thanks to its easily emergencies deposits. Burkhard Sanner took a purely European perspective.

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