Occupational Diseases

The conditions of life require the completion of a work activity to be able to meet the different expenses that arise in order to have a proper life, which count with the necessary elements to have a good life situation to be able to afford their obligations through the remuneration received by the fulfilment of functions within a company; but we must bear in mind that certain occupational activities give as a result the presence of some diseases, which can mean negative conditions for the life of the workers, therefore it is good to know the context in which to develop labour activities and the diseases that can be derived from them, in addition to the measures of protection and treatment that the companies have to deal with diseases at work that his subordinates may suffer. If you are not convinced, visit Jorge Perez.

To address the subject of diseases at work, it is necessary to first determine clearly which is the concept of occupational diseases, so talking about this concept will be making reference to a disease that has been generated by reason or by influence is directly or indirectly own conditions of work that takes place. A factor that may hinder the identification of the relationship between occupational diseases, with the same activity labour, it is the criterion of the worked time, since many diseases can be present in a person but with to the labor activity was worse and it may be that the demonstrations are given time after finished work activity, therefore work time is a point which should be paid attention in regard diseases at work. Here should ask for the period of time elapsed since exposure to the risk or cause of the disease, until the point or moment in which the disease manifests itself, so throughout this period is called the latency period. Among the diseases at work, it is worth noting a group or more well a special terminology, which would be occupational diseases, which can be said are the same illness at work, but they have such classification for legal reasons, so occupational diseases recognized legally, will be so-called occupational diseases, which can be classified as follows: diseases caused by chemical agents.

In the work of skin diseases caused by substances and other agents not included in equipment. Occupational diseases caused by the inhalation of substances and other agents derived from appliances. Diseases on infectious or parasitic character work, i.e. that are generated by live agents. Diseases caused by physical agents, which includes the physical burden of systematic diseases must be supported.

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