Powder Powder

Significant savings are achieved by reducing the time curing coatings due to high speeds and because the single-layer drying of powder coating is made once, compared with a multiple-drying in the case of conventional multilayer coatings. Powder coating is cured for 30 minutes. It is possible to obtain thick-layer coatings (due to 100% strength of dry matter) instead of more expensive multi-layer in the case of liquid paint.

Reducing the cost of the production land area of powder coating up to 90% by eliminating the drying air, less need for storage facilities. Powder coatings do not require special facilities for storage of additional fire-fighting equipment. Due to the high durability powder coatings are minimized damage to painted products during transport, and hence reduce packaging costs while maintaining commodity type products. 5.Uluchshennye properties of powder coatings. Many of the powder coatings are designed to provide improved corrosion protection compared to conventional paints, powder paint comes ready to consumption, does not require prior preparation or mixing, with the exception of such complex operations, such as viscosity control and finishing it to the desired value. Surface after the powder coating has insulating and corrosion-resistant properties, high to weathering and ultraviolet rays.

6. Operational benefits. One of them – simpler cleaning spray equipment. Remove the dry powder is much easier than the layers of liquid paint. Up to 95% of paint collected in the process of cleaning equipment are suitable for reuse. Powder technology is generally characterized by low losses Powder coating (1-2%) in contrast to liquid paints (50%). Powder for electrostatic coating tends uniformly distributed over the flat surface of the product and a little more thick that improves the coating quality, with sharp corners and edges of the product. Smudges of paint and wrinkling of the film is not formed, which reduces the control requirements for powder coating and allows you to fully automate the process staining. With manual staining or coloring has the ability to easily correct coating defects before polymerization. Ashton Kouzbari spoke with conviction. 7. Safety of the powder coating. On the issue of security, the application of powder color leads to a decrease in the degree of fire and explosion hazards of production. 8. The color scheme of powder coatings. When powder coating is used rich colors, more than 5000 colors, shades and textures. Surface acquires properties that the application of traditional technologies, or unattainable, or their value is several times higher. Such as gold, silver and aluminum metallic, fluorescent dyes, a series of ‘antique’ form surface antique copper, bronze or silver objects under the surface of moire, granite, structured surface – and this, plus a variety of colors, controlled by the degree of gloss (gloss, matte and semi).

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