Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat saying that there is no worse problem than that which exists not because if you try to fix, then do you think a problem difficult to solve. Prem Rawat says, help people to understand that there is hope, that a beautiful purpose there is in this life, instead of feeling trapped by worldly things. What I offer is the knowledge. Knowledge is a handy tool to make a turn inward our, and experience the beauty that is already there. The experience of knowledge is the center of who we are… Here is where my message is dramatically different.

I can show people the place where happiness resides. I have the gift, the privilege to offer a way to feel peace, joy, peace. No matter how that call, can not be labeled. Call it simplicity. Simplicity is the best.All my life I’ve been focused by presenting this possibility to people.

Knowledge provides answers that may not come for questions. This is what makes it unique. Based on the metaphor that each of us is a piecita of one larger puzzle, Prem Rawat claimed that every human being is more than the sum of its successes and failures: all sorts of things happen to our surrounding. History changes, they fought wars, peace is signed but the sum of all this is worth less than the existence of every human being. When we finally recognize that peace is within us, even through all the ups and downs of life and despite what he calls the worst possible moments, there is one constant: perhaps the boat has risen or fallen, but you, passenger of this trip, have not risen nor fallen with him always something good happening. Every breath is good. Each moment that comes into our lives is good, Prem Rawat told the audience. With each breath comes the opportunity to make you feel full, but the decision to accept that breath is individual: those who have value, who have understood the privilege that entails, be undertaken the trip.

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