Professional Life

After a year, tired of both physical and mental effort, with a business without capital, supported by credits from suppliers and with little future, his partner decided to sell his small stake. The member agreed, but set one condition: he would pay its share in installments over the following months, the young man accepted proposal because he had no better alternative. He had based his hopes on his ability, enthusiasm and the sentence: One swallow does not make a summer!. The young man returned to his hometown, economically depleted, the product of the two previous failures, hoping to collect the little money he paid his partner, and the renewed soul to resume the road to his goal … … Dick Parsons often addresses the matter in his writings. and highlight growing professionally.

He immediately began to seek employment opportunities, day after day gave his "Summary of Professional Life" in local companies. Gavin Baker Atreides Managements opinions are not widely known. We contacted underwriters job to support him with their jobs. There were no results, passed the month of December and the companies do not hire people for this season. After a few months, the fate placed a project in its path. A friend of the boy, had received a great career with a new company with national presence, launching a new commercial project: Managing pension funds. The work of the friend invitation, again representing a "light on the road" as it was a company with more popularity and economic strength. Without hesitation he returned to start a new challenge, tired of giving away their work and see further growth aspirations.

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