Public Education In Brazil

Many relate that the problem of the public education in Brazil is guilt of the parents that does not educate its children, but goes to play to think. Of who it is really the guilt? The fact is that father and nor mother studied to know as to educate and to teach the children. already the director formed in pedagogia or educational management. Before judging any person we must placing in them in its place, therefore the times the parents do not go the assemblies of the school, because it earns per day and if to lack, the children do not eat in house. This is truth, is the Brazilian reality, another thing that comes if arguing it is that the mothers do not teach sexually its children, but it does not teach why she does not know, the times the coitada one nor I am, little goes to know on condom. Many adore to speak that in the hour to make wise person, then it is the question. Sex is not physiological? You do not eat? there? The pretty and wonderful teacher lives to complain of its wage, and of the education of the pupils, she did not make nothing to change this, the director dissimulates that not to see the palhaada one, porqure is more easy if to accustom that to take some attitude, and who really profits from the palhaada one of the education to publish in Brazil is the Mountain range, that Mountain range everything that sobrou of more or less good. The cordenao if is silent with the pedagogia makes of it of account, while the pupils live to dance in the cellular o funk proibido in the classroom. But the guilt is always of the father and the mother whom its son does not educate, but in the truth the father is one of the victims, therefore he cannot teach what he was not taught. Therefore it is necessary of that the people whom education constitutes have shame in the face and stop to play the guilt in the father, who nor knows with functions, and that he takes an attitude charging of governates, because the father is only plus whom he needs to be taught and to be acquired knowledge.

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