Ramon Gallegos Holistic Education

The holistic education of Ramon Gallegos is spirituality based on this being the heart of the holistic education, the meaning of their existence, understood to spirituality as everything that unites people in a whole, fraternity, love, compassion, solidarity, harmony, peace, dialogue, respect, mutual understanding, patience, among others are the ties that make a fraternal and necessary human right to our full realization of spirituality. Holistic doesn’t take spirituality in education as a religion because she don’t have social organizations led by some authority, or where rites and myths are primordial. In education holistic spirituality is a living experience that every person and culture has it and lives it. To live it with depth the holistic education the great philosopher passes through the way of wisdom, path that also Perene Sankara, taught his followers. This road is known as the path of self-knowledge, the path of the self inquiry that through him we can know us and realize who we are; the way of wisdom leads to comprehensive practice, where we can find that wisdom, devotion and comparison are its main dimensions.

This path of wisdom puts in mind all the inner power to attain enlightenment. It is considered that these generate a synergy that bears the name holistic education to keep together a comprehensive practice and an integral theory. Let us remember that for an educator holistic its main objective will be of the evolution of consciousness, to reach transformation and building an integrated society with her and with her get an integral humanity, always having as a base to spirituality. The holistic education has primary achievement building and creating communities of learning in the schools, they work together a group of people that make up the educational community in schools, they are parents, administrative staff and support students and teachers, all of them always work aiming to learn, update and auto know each sector from its place and at the same time in relation to others, in these dialogue is a means to obtain its objectives and be known as learning community, the goal, is a creation of unity through diversity.

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