Real World

For those who have the common mindset of the industrial era, his achievements are as follows: go to school and maybe College. They strive to be the best in all areas. Passed whole life working to earn money. They live their last days with a pension of every day is worth less by the inflation of prices. This is the reality: the school prepares people to be excellent employees. The real world prepares people to deal with the real problems of life.

Many people leave school with a mentality out of reality. They believe that life is a base of qualifications and his accomplishments are directly related to their efforts. But in the real world, there are no qualifications, there are failures and achievements. In the real world, there are no holidays, work, or don’t eat, point. In the real world, there are no exams, there are debts.

In the real world, there are no teachers, there are your heads of work. In the real world, there are no classmates, there are people that don’t matter your problems. In the World real, there are no schedules or you arrive early at your work or this dismissed. In the real world, there is who is (was) best in class, there is one who has more money and who does not. Although the school is important for the economic growth of societies and education, is not the ultimate key to freedom he will finance and a better quality of life. So what is the key? You should invest in you, and not for a company or person who perhaps or remember that you were his employee. We live in the real world and in the real world, excuses are not accepted. Last once the years can not look back, and the only thing that is going to import in your economic life is going to be how much you have invested in you and your family. Taking advantage of the opportunities it is the way of how to get started and the Internet is one of those opportunities. Only persons who are realizing the potential that has the Internet are that are taking advantage of everything that has been revolutionizing. The author is the owner of, is web site where all the information on how to make money online totally free without the need to buy a product.

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