Reinforced Mould Growth

The infection with fungi in living areas increasingly reinforced by the prolonged period of cold weather. It is to determine that about the turn of the year 2009/2010 the situation in residential premises in terms of infestation with Schimmelpilzeb clearly has increased. This is mainly on the lack of constructive training of the outer walls and its connection components of old houses zuruchzufuhren. In my work as an expert for the detection of mold infestation and its renovation, noticed that in the course of the year 2009/2010 significantly more mold in homes has occurred. The cause of this current concentration can be seen, which immensely exacerbated the weaknesses of the old houses with regard to already existing thermal bridges construction in the prolonged period of cold weather.

Old houses have usually a relatively thin outer shell, whereby floor slabs outside usually uninsulated are linked. Major weaknesses are also the uninsulated basement ceilings on Basements, loading as a washing and drying room used and also in unregulated and are vented. Unregulated ventilation and exhaust means nothing other than that the basement Windows in the free stay open day and night. The same is true for non-insulated roofs used as drying room and also be unregulated – and be vented. This means that through a prolonged period of cold weather the exterior walls, basement ceilings and the roof edges faster highly cool and are often to measure temperatures of partially below 12.6 C in these areas. Because according to the hygiene standard of DIN, the dew point 12.6 c was defined 4108 part 2, is already below this temperature by < 12.6 C from free water.

Is lower than the temperature, mold growth is pre-programmed. Another problem is also the site of furniture on outside walls. By placing furniture on outside walls, insulation produced quasi from the inside, which the dew point adversely affected, and encourages also the formation of mould. Short-term remedy can be created by changing this furniture from exterior to interior walls. This prevents an acceleration of the formation of mildew. Sustainable remedial or precautionary, but only through an in-depth study of the building can be achieved with appropriate evaluation and resulting determination of measures. Measures are usually insulation of exterior walls, the basement ceiling, the roof and the installation of accordingly insulated window.

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