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Nobody can guarantee that your site indexed within 24 hours from the only person in the final inspection is Google. However, the key to a new grave site is fully indexed linkage. If I had to just leave the site and get links to the index page, you could end up waiting 9 months to get everything inside you created a site map (s). Depending on your site, puedepagar to create multiple site maps in different parts of your site. The basic principle is as follows: The search engine robots to investigate the pages are links to pages that are already visiting (you know since you mentioned blog and ping).

When they do this, work on some of the pages I found about about the time, so the more pages and the deepest of the links to the pages – the latest and most times the robot will have to re to buy more. Therefore, the best thing to do is create multiple site maps that cover many of the pages that have quite recently that links get them all (usually two levels maximum). So instead of having a huge site map lists every page. Create 5 1000 site maps, links or more. Then – Get links to maps of independent sites as well as your home page. Of the many different quality, high, higher traffic sources as possible. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala may help you with your research. Blogs, RSS, forums, directories are all good examples of these. If you despair that you can buy links from high PR sites, but no need.

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