Sensitization in Education

The education must show that it does not have knowledge that is not, in some degree, threatened for the error and the illusion. The knowledge is not a mirror of the things or the external world. All the perceptions are, at the same time, cerebral translations and reconstructions on the basis of stimulatons or signals caught for the directions. They result, from there, the innumerable errors of perception that come in them of our more trustworthy direction, the vision, (Morin, 2001) the IMPLANTATION OF a PROGRAM OF AMBIENT EDUCATION To introduce a program of Ambient Education it consists of a methodical process, and requires detailed accompaniment. So that if they can reach resulted satisfactory, the process in phases must be divided that one better accompaniment of the activities and the correct fulfilment of all makes possible they.

All the stages must be folloied in a sistmica way, so that let us be fidiciary offices what it was planned. The integrant phases of the process are: Sensitization, Mobilization, Information and Action. To reach the purposes of the Ambient Education, we need to be always conscientious of that this is an educational work and that, therefore, we must fulfill to all the phases of the process. All they occur successively, but they must be always articulated in elapsing of the process. None of the phases can be developed separately or in linear way; she is necessary to emphasize that all are interrelated, that the Ambient Education cannot only be summarized to one of them and that all must occur under the one rigorous planning, permanent control and evaluation. The first phase of the process is of Sensitization, that is when they unchain the processes of Ambient Education in the scope of the white population, in this in case that, learning of the course of civil engineering. It is necessary that the procedures contain emotional impact, call sufficiently to the attention, despertem concerns, they alert for erroneous behaviors and they request the envolvement and the participation of the future engineers, standing out a situation, or set of situations, that compose problematic an ambient one.

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