Ride on and wheels prepare optimally children cycling but only 3 out of 10 wheels are safe. Berlin, 29.02.2012 – In the lives of children, many purchase decisions have to be from the first moment. Which nursing pillow should I buy? There reliable diapers as an alternative to the expensive market leader? Which products are safe? What children’s book is recommended? Which car seat is responsible for safety? What type of clothing is free of harmful substances? What game is exciting and educational at the same time? With what tricycle or slide mobile can I make my toddler? In answering these questions is to consumer organizations like Stiftung Warentest or oKO-TEST. Their investigations and comparisons a chunk of uncertainty is taken by us consumers, which products are good and which are not. The hurdle is then the only thing to have the test results also in the moment of the purchase intent.

In the current issue, go to wheels. oKO-TEST has made it in March 2012 issue to the task, the To check security of impellers. 10 copies of various types were tested: with brake without brake, made of wood, aluminium, suspension and so on. The prices ranged from 24.99 to 169.00. In the test, it arrived on the safety of ingredients and the practicality of the models. The result of the practice exam with 70% was weighted at the endnote, because the wheel first and foremost must be safe and pleasant to drive. Are cheap wheels safe enough? A wheel is legally listed as toys. It is after meeting minimum standards even left the manufacturer, how stable it is the wheel.

Because customers are often looking for cheaper goods, many products are produced in a primitive, quickly and cost-effectively. “” While it is not surprise if the end result deficient “or even insufficiently” fails. Greater quality and safety deficiencies observed this time in each tested wheel at 66.00.

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