Sustainable Development

With the improvement of the civilization it was essential the increase of new forms of if perfecting and collectively acting in search of exits for the difficulties of the society, being ambient education one of the forms to acquire knowledge the individuals of the importance to conserve the way where they live, demonstrating that if it will not have transformation of behavior I ruin, it can be irreversible it environment and to have entirely atreladas effect the humanity. Ahead of the current scene the sustainable development is the way for the survival and permanence of life in the land, for in such a way it is necessary to articulate new routes of the Ambient education so that in fact, it has a standard of sustainable development through criteria that promote responsibility and definitions of the relation ethical society nature. Being thus, the education is indispensable for the development of the citizen and the educative procedure has of if pautar, also, in the ambient education, a time that the formation of the ecological conscience is of basic importance for the guarantee of future life. The IMPORTANCE OF the AMBIENT EDUCATION FOR the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT the Ambient Education points the constitution of social values, information, capacities, customs and returned confiabilidades with respect to the ambient conservation, and its support. The Ambient Education is seen today as a possibility of active transformation of the reality and the conditions of the quality of life, by means of the happened awareness of practical the social reflexiva based for the theory (Loureiro, 2006). According to Loureiro (2006), this awareness is gotten with the permanent critical capacity of reflection, dialogue and assimilation of multiple knowledge. This procedure becomes essential to develop sustainable societies, that is, guided to face the challenges of the contemporaneidade, being guaranteed quality of life for this and future generations. (…) the ambient education for an equitable support is one process of permanent learning, based in the respect to all the life forms.

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