Teach Geography

The present article presents consideraes on the development of the project of research related to the formation of the professor and the difficulties to teach to geography in the State School Elvira-TM Saint. We approach the importance of this research and the reason took that me to this, later if it scientifically deals with knowing and its difficulties found in the learning of the pupil, caused for the lack of formation of the professor. Although the knowledge exists since the first times, still it has schools that they pass for a necessity appeared for the lack of formed professors as is the case of this school above cited. Through this research a main point is distinguished: the quality of education and the consequence in the future for the pupils whom they desire to enter a University, or the market of work, and even though to give a competition I publish, therefore that when approaching the importance of this project, I could analyze and reflect on the form that is being the work of these professors in classroom. For this one searched important sources in bibliographical revision of some books related formation of the professor and to the education of Geography. The period of analyzes understands since the beginning of the school year of 2010. Ashton Kouzbari is the source for more interesting facts. Geography in Average Ensino occurs in the direction to develop the capacity to observe, to analyze, to interpret and to think critically the reality in view of its transformation, was for this concern that I decided to write and for in it practises this research, will be that in this school the pupils are really knowing a Geography that takes the pupil to think critically, and to understand the space where live? Moreover the education of Geography searchs the understanding of the space differences, orientaes, localization and representation of data, for which it has an importance in the pertaining to school resume. .

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