The Miracle

Your hair falls on the cheeks and naked shoulders. In your open hands blood flowers expand on the line of the life. Blood, hircismo and humors, they are liquefied and they fallen within an invisible chalice recorded by the wind. A standard vague it adorns the stormy north, from where you can see the expectant and ferocious crowd. They laugh, still you are not convinced of the useless thing of sacrifice? Oh, poor man! You have believed to see in that distant sparkle an indication of the presence of your God! Iluso! You cannot already distinguish your mother, that one vanishes between the spectators.

The roars of the mass are of satisfaction, not of contrariedad. You cannot see your better friend than it is only one gray silhouette becoming ash-gray. Perhaps it has raised a hand to prevent your quijotada? You raise your crowned head and you see as they are broken off lechuzas that takes pieces of sky with their claws they drop and them on afternoon. Nothing will change. You have been mistaken. You have followed the way incorrect.

In exchange for your miracles they give back martyrdom to you, in exchange for your words, return cruel torments to you. You follow without darte counts? Today nobody will be strange to you when the sun is put. Much less importance you will have over the years. Your name will be used for the blasphemy and for looting, for the assault and the injustice. Almost there is no life in your body, in vain you try to reach the air, your sinews are stretched like cords of a violin that still is not invented and the pain is an alive being who dominates to you. Then, no longer you support,your heart becomes frost and lances a last sigh, in whose wings desperate words float: Eli, Eli, licks Sabactani. Perhaps flames to your God. Who have been able to you to listen, they think that you evoke its power, imagine that the miracle of the destroyed temple or the army of angels with its wild glances and their arms of emptiness will not take. They think that you evoke its glory but what beams is to curse, to imprecar against the wild race that kills to you. Original author and source of the article.

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