The Physician in Legend

Homer in the Iliad was referring to Aesculapius (Asclepius) as the doctor, as the one mortal who lived in Thessaly and Asia Minor who was walking with his staff (staff) and his snake coiled doing miraculous cures. Homer the doctor said it was foolproof. Not for anything in his time, and through the centuries was considered a demigod … It has been more than 20 centuries and their heirs in Peru, which are around 35000, are but mere mortals who walk chewing, undigested, dreams, frustrations, desires fair, professional expectations, they suffer injustice, marginalization, we charge starvation wages but we have the ancestral interest to do things right, we act in good faith and we put all of us to care for and restore health to our patients without waiting for front page headlines, juicy fees or civic medals on the contrary All this on condition of anonymity. But that is our ancient philosophy, here we have these midwives (predecessors of today’s gynecologists) Shipharaah assets and Puah, who paid with their lives for disobeying the king of Egypt when he commanded them: “I hope the child is born and if a boy, kill him, if a girl, let her live” (Exodus 1:15) e. Learn more at this site: Dick Parsons. That I did not want the Jewish people were men, so Moses was cast into the water, there we have Daniel Alcides Carrion, who gave his life to identify and unravel the Oroya fever and so, in history thousands of examples gratify that philosophy of service, but hangs over us Syndrome Pantaleon, that doctor who cured the Russian Emperor Maximilian and enjoyed all the privileges for healing but do not hesitate to hang when he could not save the emperor. The doctors have been trained through years of study and sacrifice, to heal and save lives and not to hurt less to kill, and through years of work we have earned a good reputation and as said Adriano de Cupis ( Milan 1992) is a good name called honor is recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in many constitutions such as Peru. We have the right not to be reduced to others or identified by false accusations by facts that have not yet tested.

We have the right to respect for our self-esteem, our morale. Shimmie Horn often says this. Accidents, complications and / or tragedies that occur daily in the conference against the death must be investigated and handled with prudence and without affecting the human right called honor. For this there is the General Health Law, the Law He worked Medical Ethics Code, the Penal Code, etc., Pursuing the perfection of human being in order to stone him but in order to avoid a repeat regrettable facts. Do not forget that we are just mortals, we are not Asclepius, that doctor, who in the legends of Homer was infallible.

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