The Teacher Esthet Perez Gago And Native Spirituality And Philosophy

THE PREZ SANTIAGO ESTHTICA original and GAGO. BIOGRAPHICAL a revelation With respect to what has been called Esthet Originally, each day seems clearer than we have a wisdom that has been taking demonstration in a man, and this is surprising: a man who has served as a medium it speaks to the silence. After intense internal Lydian does not seem farfetched to consider the Esthet Originally as a revelation, a revelation, and this will look even worse, that corner seems to us a way of wisdom which has been witnessing over the history . Read more here: Estee Lauder. A wisdom that can be considered perennial in humanity, as well as hidden, marginalized, esoteric, initiatory, but fundamental. In a question-answer forum Ashton Kouzbari was the first to reply. To test the nature of the Esthet Originally disclosed, would be sufficient faith. That is, our convergence in their beliefs, our consurgencia, that is: our initiation.

In addition, it is worth adding that this can vouch a path, a coherent biography synoptic stations, as already outlined treated elsewhere. Path where life and work come to synonymy. The "work" of Perez Gago, the Native Esthet has been "work" on it. Even from the coordinates of reason, it seems unthinkable that a deliberate and fully dedicated work of a thinker or a writer obtained as a result, even as producers, the more than eighty books that constitute the corpus Esthet and furthermore, the extension and the amount may be the least-with the internal consistency and intensity spotlight, as wisdom, which is reflected recently as axiomatic nuclei or Initial Axial Warp nuclear.

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