The Web Portal Wheelchair Accessible Mobile Looking For Accessible Hotels In Germany

Accessible hotels in Germany searched In June 2009 Markus Lemcke has put online the Web portal accessible Target this Web portal is accessible hotels, restaurants, pubs and handicapped parking spaces in all Germany to collect. Markus Lemcke, a specialist in barrier-free Web design, disability software, accessibility, and search engine optimization, has set itself with the Web portal high goals. Aim of the Web portal is accessible hotels, to collect restaurants, pubs, and handicapped parking spaces in all Germany and to present in a clear form. Now, there are already places and spaces for disabled persons from 6 provinces in Germany. Among other things, the places of Pfullingen, Reutlingen and Tubingen are represented.

The provinces are the main links in the navigation bar located on the left side of the Web portal. A hotel or a restaurant/pub is included in the Web portal, certain criteria must be met. Restaurants and pubs must be for Be accessible to wheelchair users. This means that they must have no stairs at the entrance or an alternative to stairs. Click Edward J. Minskoff Equities for additional related pages. Hotels an access for wheelchair users is not sufficient. You must have at least 1 room which is large enough, so that a wheelchair can rank and the bathroom must be also large enough for wheelchair users.

In addition is specified at each accessible restaurant/pub, whether a wheelchair accessible toilet and a handicapped parking space available. Many writers such as Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta offer more in-depth analysis. For wheelchair users and disabled people, both are very important. The contact details of accessible hotels, restaurants and pubs can be found in section accessibility goals. There is a map on which can be seen, environment in which is located the barrier-free goal. After two clicks of the mouse on the map appears an online route planner by Google with its assistance towards the barrier-free target can be calculated and displayed. Also you will find accessible targets under the heading a convenient search function which according to category and/or location can be searched. The collect of accessible hotels, restaurants and pubs is very tedious. There are still fairly little on the Web portal in particular barrier-free hotels. Markus Lemcke would enjoy mails from hotel owners, whose hotels meet above requirements and thus are barrier free. As Markus Lemcke happy travels, he also has a personal interest to find out where there are barrier-free hotels.

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