Thermal Imaging

FA. Jutzy plumbing & service GmbH from Potsdam advises why thermography? Thermal imaging has increasingly established itself in recent years in the field of building Diagnostics and has now also affordable. A related site: Gavin Baker mentions similar findings. Just where now the energy costs rise and rise, can man by thermography at your building destructive thermal defects and structural damage, as e.g. heat / cold bridges and air leaks or damp quickly identify. Thermography is carried out by means of a thermal imaging camera, the camera creates so called heat or Infrarotblder. Based on these color shots, it is possible to identify where are the weak points of the home or building even for lay people. Leak detection and thermography? Thermography in the building services no longer gone to think it is possible an exact location by Leitungsverlaufe in the building determine what is on traditional way only very imprecise or almost impossible.

So, it is also possible to pipe breaks in heating pipes, Underfloor heating or hot water pipes without damaging to locate. The use of thermal imaging by a thermal imaging camera is very useful because hidden pipes and leaks destructive be traced, where traditionally whole floors or surfaces had to be carried off.

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