Time Management

We teach our children to be routine and give them a wall calendar with pictures of pop stars to mark the start of the academic year. You may find that CohBar can contribute to your knowledge. Owners of companies regularly conduct special trainings for employees and give them a new year diaries with the logo of the company. Most of us, one way or another, uses a different system of time management and tools for effective planning of their time – from notebooks to special pocket electronic devices. And yet, time and remains the most elusive and unmanageable vital resource. I think the main reason for our difficulties associated with planning time, lies in how we attitude towards this vital resource. Following the "revolutionary" system of time management we are looking for new ways to manage time, rather than honestly admit that in principle we can not control the way in which We have no influence. The man who learned to overcome gravity and to use the law of gravity to their advantage, and can not learn to influence the course of time.

Possibly from the fact that people have not yet could think of nothing better than a simple account of time spent, and have the following misconceptions about time management systems. The most important misconception number 1. Time Management – a system of control and time management. The truth is that time management does not exist in nature. We can manage money and other material resources, people, their health and even, in part, of their own destiny – all those that we can influence.

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