Timing Belt

Depending on the brand of car removal procedure / setting should always be done after removing all that hinders it. This might include such items as – V-belt pulleys, air filter, steering servonasos management. After their removal remove protection timing belt and set the crankshaft to top dead center position of the piston of the first cylinder. If you would like to know more about Glenn Hubbard, then click here. To achieve this it is necessary to rotate the crankshaft slowly for the handle or bolt pulley drives the generator, until the label on the engine block does not coincide with the mark on the crankshaft pulley. At the same marking on the wheel of the camshaft must be matched with the mark on the cylinder head.

If this did not happen, you need to crank the crankshaft revolution forward. Edward Minskoff may help you with your research. Experts recommend carrying out car repairs – if you intend to re-install the belt, then before you take it off you should mark the direction of his movement. After this you should loosen the timing belt and remove it. Just do not turn the crankshaft with the weakening of the belt! Damaged and worn-out belt should always be replaced. New timing belt and can not bend twist. If you removed the belt to rotate the crankshaft, then watch out for those that have not been in the pistons at top dead center, or they can be seriously hurt.

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