Training Undergraduate Education

I arrived in Monterrey, where this was a city that was developed to accomplish what today is a true metropolis, one of the most beneficial for Mexico in its economic development. Monterrey is a true industrial city, backed by well-established companies, with technical professionals who bring their expertise in development of the region. I joined the Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM) to study mechanical engineering-Admin (IMA) where to start the race took an introductory course to level of knowledge, especially when you come from abroad with another educational level, something that the authorities Tech by then had already provided the benefit of student learning. I met with a student population plural, of course varied. given extranheros there were many who came from Central and South America and different states of Mexico.

Integrabamos classes up to 20 people and it was already a point for learning because it allowed us a more acermaniento with the facilitator and exchanges of ideas with colleagues. Tecnologico de Monterrey for the authorities of that time already had a clear vision of what would become the future, a center for teaching faculty of academic excellence not only regionally but nationally and internationally, as they are in the present. Added to this is another very interesting factor that many universities neglected, as is the linkage with the productive sectors in order to make way for the training of professionals, consonant with the requirements, stringent requirements are needed to assist in their development, something that never at ITESM neglected since its inception.

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