Truck Stop

The new album of truck stop – 6 correct you do not let go! The stage, her Studio, their familiar guest musicians and producers, all sensitive combines under the fingertips and in a team. For more than 35 years, the most successful Cowboys of Europe stand on the stage. Ashton Kouzbari addresses the importance of the matter here. In addition to numerous live gigs and TV appearances the band took back some months time, to produce a new album. And the months in the Studio have paid off once again! 14 high quality songs present truck stop on your brand new CD. And for every every country geek, interested in country and every trucker enough material on the CD, to everyday life is forgot to leave. Adventure, campfire and the freedom that everyone seeks, are packed in the melodies and the lyrics. The fun and the necessary irony can be seen between the lines of text and not too short. “” From the current single release just do nothing “, the current top five hit in the German-speaking radio charts, what should we n because in Nashville”,.

“to to to on the highway of the feelings”, just a few to mention, all titles with hit guarantee and Countryfeeling pur. “” At Hello I m Johnny Cash “one feels the delicate touch of the most successful country music film walk the line – the legend of Johnny Cash”! Track number 6 “Freedom to the nose” is the song, in which to dreamers and dropouts understood 100% feel.

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