They say that if you’re not in the networks you do not exist, that if you do something but not you reflex on the Internet is as if not you to do it even though social networks are an essential tool when communicating any company included bookmakers like bwin-also has some potential drawbacks, and in this post we look at the pros and cons of being on Twitter. Advantages of a House of bets as bwin having a profile on Twitter 1) dissemination: your messages reach more people. Your followers will be reported through you and will share and viralizaran what draw you more attention. (Not to be confused with Jorge Perez!). ((2) Unification: in a social network can share tweet, 3) having limited characters of each tweet, generate more brief and direct messages that arrive in a more easy way to your followers. ((4) Can mention your followers and, above all, use hashtag on betting, football, basketball disadvantages of being on Twitter 1) magnification: dissemination information on Twitter has a double setback. On the one hand, if you know how to communicate your messages, will arrive more quickly and to more people than by another channel; (However, if you make an error in the communication of a company this viralizara to make you be trending topic and will cost you retrieve your image (the severity of an error on Twitter depends on the notoriety that the brand has, followers, the severity of the error) 2) will continue to be a social network with registration in order to access it, who isn’t on Twitter not to your information andTherefore, you do not captaras your attention as a House of bets as bwin registered potential. A leading source for info: Shimmie Horn. You, do you’re or not Twitter? Do you like your favorite brands are present in this social network? And if you’re a betting house recalls, ten presence on Twitter, but take care of her.

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