Recently, very little actually while he conversed with some coworkers amenamente listen for good or evil about the curse of the age of despair in woman mouth, relatively higher (spent 50 years), who has 3 children young made life and an enviable level of education; as he spoke of the age my curiosity was going towards which was that unfortunate age, being the unfortunate 28 number that I provide as data, not late much to realise that she was trying to tell me with the age of despair was not anything else but a way to comic explain what in the heads of many, thousands, million, pasa women about fear arriving not to marry, do not get to have children. to remain spinsters, a maid, or how you want to call. His theory was more or less like this: when a woman reaches the age of 28 and has not married, does not have a boyfriend in sight, not even a loving friend or a prospectus with favourable prognosis, begins in it a concern regarding whether to remain single or if to raise a family, this concern happens to form in despair when in this process one takes what falls, arriving on occasions to get together with people non grata by the always fact that we must now seize the youth to get a date before that then you can not by the obvious fact that years pass and youth is just making me remember a phrase that listen in my University times referring to the love and the need of this saying: hungry people make bad shopping does not ask to avoid feeling a kind of fear against the above, even when later the teacher on the subject gave me a series of documented cases in his report on family, friends, popular, artist of film and television who passed through that stage and which confirmed his theory. .

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