Vision Leadership

I think that not everyone should study the same subjects since the concerns and aspirations are different. This makes it necessary that the plans are different. The matters to which I refer are the creativity, leadership, vision and emotional education. Creativity is important because we are going to help innovate the field in which we work, we will teach the problems large and small with which we will surely face in our working lives. As I already said before, the world is changing rapidly, but we human beings do not operate under the same speed.

Leadership is a topic of vital importance for the movement of persons. The time that we live is characterized by apathy and pessimism of the great majority of people. Culture and education that we’ve endured has murdered the leadership, creativity and has led us towards the dependence of persons. I believe that it is essential to develop the leadership from the earliest age of the children. The vision.

The vision is the visualization of what one wants to do within a given context. This involves making the diagnosis of reality that one lives, the ideal scene in which one wants to build and last but not least, the construction of the bridge to move from the real scene to the ideal scene. The realization of the ideals inevitably require creativity and leadership, as well as emotional education. I believe that the essential high school work should be the elaboration of a project of life in close relationship with a nation project. The curriculum should be subject to this idea emotional education. One of the great discoveries of the middle of the last century is that the emotion of people is what determines the success or failure of the actions taken by humans. It is not rationality or the level of information that the person is what determines it.

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