Wardrobe Systems

Cabinets – coupe confidently settled into apartments and offices, they easily fit into any space, saving valuable space accommodation. Installing cabinets – coupe solves the problem of how to plan small-sized apartment and a large room. Now available on the market are several systems of sliding doors for cupboards and compartments, first and foremost a system Raumplus. The durability of a door of the system to 25 years. Elite of sliding doors from Germany Raumplus – it's always reliable aluminum profile (with anodized coating or film pasted under a tree) and the roller mechanism. Checking article sources yields Kenneth E. Boulding as a relevant resource throughout. Guide roller with a Teflon coating ensures a smooth ride without doors unpleasant to the ear noise.

Mohair brushes on doors prevent the penetration of dust inside and do-resistant feature. Positioner at the bottom of the bar rail delays door to the desired location. The second system, bring to your attention – Versailles. This system is long familiar to Russian furniture and is very popular. The internal design wardrobe is defined functionality of the product. For registration interior fittings used are made in Italy and Germany. Wardrobe can be of various dimensions.

The list of required equipment includes furniture PVC profiles. Large selection of colors can to make color matching to any chipboard plate from different manufacturers. For door trim using a mirror, silver, bronze, graphite, glass – tinted in bronze, a graphite, opaque, transparent laminated glass, rattan; perforated plate. Allowed to combine different materials. Many domestic companies offer a comprehensive building hallway closet, nursery, bedroom, office. We suggest you use the sliding door for the resettlement hallway. Mirrored doors fill it with light and visually expand the space. Special film on the inner surface of the mirrors, protects them when struck. Your books, albums, and documents will be fine look and will remain in the library closet of your office. Desk, computer and other office equipment can be hidden behind decorative – sliding doors decorated cabinet – coupe. Closet – coupe – it's very comfortable and capacious furniture.

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