Whole Day Teaching

Less leisure forces to the integration of traditional homework assignments in the regular instruction school has changed much in the last decade. Not only that educational requirements have changed, and social changes have led to a structural transformation in schools themselves. Anders is taught today generally all day than in the past at Grund -, main, real and comprehensive schools. The students of primary and secondary education are therefore much longer in school than even 10 or 15 years ago. Generally, compulsory education currently only ends at 16.00. Under less time children spend at home. These reduced time in turn has consequences for the school itself. Full day lessons is not equal to full day classes.

Currently, there is still no uniform regulations. Not even in the same State are handled uniformly. Usually it is however so that up to six-hour lunch in the lessons. After an approximately one-hour lunch break, the afternoon program, begins the, depending on the school size, composed of working groups, which are derived from the subjects. In-depth courses also support courses especially from the linguistic as well as mathematics and the Sciences Branch, as well as sports and homework supervision courses can be selected. Ticino schools (Southern Switzerland), who already have lunch break after the fourth hour, regular instruction takes place in the afternoon. When the teaching definitely lunch ended around 13: 30, there were rules of thumb how much homework for the individual grades were allowed.

It goes without saying that these simplifications are no longer valid. You would afford the society certainly a disservice, if necessary rest periods as also the exercise of sports were still limited in the leisure. The urge to move the students may be restricted under any circumstances. The fewer the available time for homework, however, force to a restructuring of the teaching. To have the amount of homework be significantly reduced, on the other hand must classic homework be a part of today’s education. You gave previously solely learning vocabulary in the foreign language teaching students as homework. Today, however, also an integral part of school education should be the regular vocal training. It can look like at three hours a week, that 10 minutes uses on a fixed day of the week to studying a page of the vocabulary issue. Five minutes should be included for the subsequent queries. By the way, are instructed hereby also the concentration ability. Like many, also in other subjects, to build a classic homework in the regular instruction opportunities. Generally it can be said that the daily homework assignments for all day students of secondary should no longer exceed the range of one hour more at school must not go at the expense of the movement? In the modern seat society complain more and more people about the consequences of lack of exercise. Also in the future will therefore apply: mens sana in corpore sano. Or, in simpler words: A healthy mind in a healthy body. We are dependent on people on our body. The schools have a special responsibility in this respect and must take account.

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