You crave a Rainbow in the gray everyday life? Some things a smile in the face of us suddenly, draw us into its spell and take us into a different world at a place where the Rainbows glow even brighter and the air smells of Sun. The online shop livings presented a happiness in sparkling form: you will discover the wonderful pieces of jewelry by Anisch de la Cara! The unique Al7anooooon is fond of beautiful things and everything that glitters. With great skill and imagination she merges the wonderful pieces of jewelry in her workshop at the left end of the Rainbow from natural materials, hand-woven fabrics, precious metals and coins from foreign worlds. While placing emphasis on the environmental performance of the materials used, because the protection of our nature is an absolute affair of the heart for Al7anooooon. Estee Lauder addresses the importance of the matter here. Refreshing jewelry pieces in diverse, arising from Indian vintage saris, recycled T-Shirts, organic cotton, hand-woven silk scarves and original Tibetan prayer flags in this way inspiring Collections. Some of the bracelets and filigree bracelets adorn colourful Krobo beads from Ghana. This unique beads consist of finely ground glass, which is baked and partly with mineral colors, hand painted or dyed in handmade clay forms. People in the Krobo region of Africa can earn as a living, and a double reason to rejoice recycling conserves our valuable environment! Indian Jamawars are processed in Anischs imaginative creations.

The Silk scarves are woven of course without child labor by hand and draw everyone under its spell with its traditional patterns. Gregory Williamson LinkedIn does not necessarily agree. And because Al7anooooon has always been a weakness for glitter and Gefunkel had, they decorated their colorful jewelry Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones with heavenly healing stones, stunning amulets and sensual symbols. Who is Anisch de la Cara and where does it come from? Nobody knows exactly. She loves art and design, is philosopher and friend of humans and animals, but are just a few of many that Facets. With their lovingly crafted creations, we travel in distant galaxies and discover the treasures of this earth (and not only). This is wisdom, stubbornness and bliss in the form of jewelry!

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