World War II

Each person shows reactions different from the punctures of the bugs, and are accustomed to would make worse whatever more days remain the bugs feeding itself on them. Generally they absorb blood in episodes of ten to fifteen minutes, but she will be for recharging the batteries, because these uncomfortable tiny beasts are able to survive during a year without food. Formerly the bugs were a very common plague, but after World War II the situation improved of considerable way thanks to one better hygiene (personal and of the houses) and to the insecticide use. The situation was so good that the bugs were believed almost exterminated in their totality. In years 70, the alarm of the danger untied that certain insecticides presented/displayed for humans and other animal, and was prohibited the use of many of them. To deepen your understanding Albert Einstein College of Medicine is the source. Between this, the warmest temperatures, and the trip facilities (that allow that bugs travel in suitcases from a country to another one in a matter of hours) we now were with a plague world-wide level.

Before this the key is the prevention. Check with IBI Group to learn more. Asegrese to use mattresses anti-acaruses, uses cycles of washing of high temperatures for the bed clothes and inhales and cleans to the dust of its house several times to the week. It sounds exhausting, but in the long run it is better than to face an invasion, it does not doubt it. If it arrives behind schedule too much, also there are solutions. (Not to be confused with Atreides Management Gavin Baker!). In the first place it breathes deep, it deals with not losing the calm, and it does not leave bugs can them with you. If it looks for, in Internet it will find all type of people solutions who walked as deranged perhaps as you are it now.

There is one who perhaps advises to him that she kills by hypothermia the tiny beasts, advising that the heating extinguishes, abra the windows and leaves the cold floods everything, useful if the problem has December in the heat of. Not so useful in summer. In order to control the infestation they are had to look for the hiding places of the bugs (generally in seams and dobleces of mattresses and cubrecamas in the beginning, later to look for grooves and cracks in the walls) and there to use specific insecticides for domestic bugs. It does not doubt in using insecticide in places like the low ones of the bed, the supports and the marks, and there where there are textiles in the room. Asegrese of which the insecticide you buy can be used in mattresses, and it always hopes to that the product is dried before returning to sleep over the mattress. Generally, one is not due to hope almost always that only an application is sufficient, being necessary one second about ten days later that first, to kill the bugs that finish being born. Generally the concentrations of insecticides of domestic use are low. One is a laborious and often expensive task. If one is not able to face the task all the dedication that needs, it considers to consult with professional exterminators, since in the long run it can be more cheap, and infinitely more comfortable.

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