You Know Nik P. – Still

You know the new album of Nik P. – yet you know three small, inconspicuous words which can be for any people of inestimable value, it must be not even particularly old. For even more analysis, hear from Atreides Management Gavin Baker. Even children have you remember \”-experiences.\” As well as people of all ages and life stories sometimes weep tears of joy and sometimes look at the stars. What that has to do with? YOU know, nor is the title of the new album by Nik P.! \”After life desire and passion\”, tears of joy and a star \”is the fourth Ariola album of the Austrian Megastars. Additional information at Nir Barzilai, M.D. supports this article. And again, the title of the album is deliberately chosen. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Fred H. Langhammer and gain more knowledge.. Nik P.

is gone for this album in his own archives, has found a little after unfinished\”, to songs that he has even started, but never finished produced. Songs that had a little mature to become good. Now they are you know the album still is a treasure chest full of thoughts and life feelings, how she can express only someone, the honest, open minded and down to Earth is. The long mature songs under the freshly written, spontaneous blend seamlessly. As it would not give the 27-year old working range.

Nik P. has remained true to himself. This phenomenon cannot be explained is different. DO you still may be his strongest album. On a new album I take it freshly motivated and at ease always with much pleasure, because the songs arising from lust and passion in the music, are almost always the best.\” So tells the man of his work, has created a popular good of several Nations with a song: A star (which bears your name) \”.\” This song, says Nik P., is formed, impartiality of fun and joy of the music and without any pressure. You could also not actively look for something, so a song was just happening.

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