People who start modeling or studies to engage fully in this world of fashion have thought in this difficult question which has no simple answer because they both have their advantages and their disadvantages. When a model belongs to an agency and this (a) stands out in it, (and if this agency is truly serious since there are many that only seek to exploit people who enroll in it), will have work followed and high quality (photo shoots of models, catwalks, fashion shows in other countries, companies etc image) will have the opportunity to be released more easily in the Middle but the most important thing is that it has the endorsement of an organization that will ensure their interests. It must be borne in mind that agencies are left with a percentage of the payment that is made to the model, this percentage may vary according to the Agency, is generally 30%, but with this agency ensures its operation and therefore can continue getting good jobs to their models. On the other hand be independent gives the advantage to the model that can choose their clients, their jobs and negotiate payment that is going to perform. Source: work from home. A (a) independent model has lots of freedom and you can submit to multiple casting of models, but many cannot take security measures and easily be cheated or worse yet, fall into the networks of trafficking in persons. One thing if it is very important is that it is necessary that a model pass through an Academy so that you have the foundations to move in this environment and know him better. Most of the (ACE) begin in an agency to have experience and use it as a platform, in the case that to succeed they decided to secede or up to get your own agent to be responsible for look for well-paid jobs for them (as). .

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