Animated Gifs

We should do an animated banner? It's quite elementary, you do not need to install any program, make animation possible on the site! Set Custom Animation Enter the width and height that would make animation or dynamic banner and set the speed display frames. Upload photos for what to do gif animation or dynamic banner, you have to upload a few pictures. A graphics file format – nearly any such types of graphic files bmp, gif, and many others. You can edit once created an animated avatar. If you want to create animations from your photos – take advantage of downloading images from a web album picasa or flickr. If you specify a link, remember to indicate links to the pictures in free location. For example, images stored in social networks are for your password and login are closed for downloading outside. Change your future animations your animation is consistently changing personnel.

Upload an image it becomes a separate frame, the image you can rotate, change position or size that would create animation more interesting. Use the appropriate controls. As additional properties, you can set the background color and the display time frame (if the chosen rate 'by hand'). Also, you can option to use a smooth transition of personnel, but remember that it greatly increases file size animations. Make richer animation upload more photos to upload up to hundreds of photographs, images, pictures. Usually much more than enough, because the more frames in the animation, the larger the file, in the case of very large files you have trouble loading the map like the animation. The new animation created! Click to make animations and your gif animation will be created. You can use the created animation as the avatars on social networks, forums and information resources.

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