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On the other hand, are the speeches by the Presidents of France and Italy that serve cultural differences to promote xenophobic attitudes and mislead public opinion at a time of economic crisis. The Commission has just approved in June, a document with a more realistic approach and just immigration: in the context of a European ageing, the potential contribution of immigration to the economic efficiency of the EU is important. The reality is that Europeans are living increasingly more years and is difficult to ensure their pensions and assume its expenses in health care and foster homes. According to solvent studies of the Commission, Europe needs between 50 million and 110 million immigrants until 2060. Accurate a.

Misse: The EU population in age of work will have dropped by 50 million people, even if it maintains a level of net immigration similar to historical levels, and will pour 110 million if not kept that net immigration. For the Commission, this evolution would require increased public spending. The arrivals of immigrants to the European Union, since 2002, approaching two million people per year. The positive impact of immigration has been analysed by Finance Ministers and is beyond all doubt your contribution in the growth of a population in continuous decline. The economic success of Spain, United Kingdom and Ireland in recent years is inexplicable without immigration. In Spain, more than half of the growth in 2007 was due to immigrants. In United Kingdom, more than one million of Poles, Czechs and other Eastern European countries covered the deficit of labour force. What is necessary to develop are cooperation projects with countries of origin and facilitate their integration into the labour market by means of the necessary training for the jobs that have to deal with.

This, after reviewing the fundamental question of this process: the European Union needs raw materials to maintain its level of development and quality of life that come in a seventies by cent of those countries of origin of immigrants. That once reviewed prices, transportation and working conditions of the citizens of these countries in the elaboration and Commerce of these vital raw materials. That is the Achilles heel of the unfair approach of the problem by the rulers of this Europe of the merchants who colonized and exploited human and material wealth of those countries that today are forced to return visits we did them for centuries European emigrants.

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One says they will need to paint the fence twice. Whether the artist is right and gives reasons to support your answer. Extend the domain to generalize that apply the results of mathematical thinking and problem solving through the restatement of results in a more general and more applicable. Example: Given the pattern 1, 4, 7, 10, …, describes the relationship between each term and the next and indicates the next term to 61. Connect new knowledge with existing knowledge, making connections between different elements of knowledge and related representations, linking related mathematical ideas or objects.

Integrate synthesize or combine mathematical procedures (different) to establish results; combine results to arrive at a further result. Example: Solve a problem which must first obtain one of the key information in a table. Solve unusual problems. Solve problems in contexts framed mathematical or real life it is very unlikely that the students have found similar items, apply mathematical processes in unfamiliar contexts. Example: In a country the people write the numbers as follows: I write MMF, 42 and 26 is NNFF is MFN. Related Group can aid you in your search for knowledge. How do you write 37? Show justify or provide evidence of the validity of an action or truth of a statement by referring to properties or mathematical results, develop mathematical arguments to prove the truth or falsity of statements, given the relevant information. Cognitive domain (skills and abilities): Calculate: To algorithmic procedures for +, -, x,: or a combination of such operations, known procedures to approximate numbers, estimate measurements, solve equations, evaluate expressions and formulas, divide a quantity in one given ratio, increase or decrease a quantity by a given percentage.

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School Buses

“Dominik Heuwieser: online petition for seat mandatory in school buses started to ensure Unterdietfurt the safety of our children we need a seat mandatory in school buses”, calls the FDP – parliamentary candidate Dominik Heuwieser (Unterdietfurt/lkr. Red Valley Inn). For many children, the school day begins with the daily battle for a seat on the bus. “The school should start recovering in the school day and not stressed out and tired of the bus ride”, as Hammond. Who get one of the coveted seats, must be in the gang, the schoolbags of either between the legs or even the whole trip back.

In many school buses just younger students at a screeching halt are thrown off by the vehicle and can be injured thereby, Hammond feared: “If the children on the bus must be there just for the little ones often not stopping attainable for them.” Obligation applies in the car, special seats are prescribed for young children, were still in school buses Standing allows. You may find Edward Minskoff to be a useful source of information. This condition is no longer tenable to me,”Hammond continues. When specifying the standing capacity remains unconsidered Hammond according to, that kids need to fit with satchels or sports bag. For more information see Nir Barzilai, M.D.. In practice, that lead to do so often that the school buses are already crowded from the last stops. Parents must often pick up their children from the bus stop, because the bus driver due to a crowded bus can take no more students. Many parents now renounced the school bus transportation and take their children at the school,”says Hammond on. Impose additional burdens on the parents were the result. We need to change urgently the Bavarian pupil transportation regulation (SchBefV)”, Hammond notes.

Bus companies and payers need a planning secure funding commitment by the provincial government, to provide the extra seating capacity, so Hammond. If the petition would like to support, can do so at the following Internet address:… . The petition is still up to the 18.11.2013. contact: Dominik of Hammond Tel. 08724-2079012 E-Mail: Web: FDP lower Bavaria / Deputy District Chairman/spokesperson FDP Rottal-Inn / Deputy Group Chairman Dipl. kfm. Josef Konig Tel. 08561.910771 mobile 0171 / 4 45 97 06 E-Mail:

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University Training

Venezuela country that we are concerned, in the present tense faces a serious crisis in higher education, where many universities have lost their way, are not integrated into the country's needs, training professionals able to generate the changes that are demanded and to successfully face the challenges and opportunities that arise. He has forgotten its commitment to many universities, role, social responsibility, especially because they have a team of authorities in accordance with the requirements for example, that demand the Bolivarian revolution in favor of what they called XXI Century Socialism, all so, why, who are always involved are the same as integrated power groups, groups, and rooted for decades, maintaining its traditionalism, its influence, and have parceled out to some universities, according to their personal interests and not those of Forgets the university community as someone has already expressed that the University has a responsibility to regional leadership, as a designer of the future and as institution identified and consistent with the times, able to adapt to the realities of the present without compromising the provision of a different and better future. In fulfilling this mission the University must increase the training of human resources with a sense of belonging to the region and help to create leaders in various fields and activities. Many universities have neglected their academic excellence, quality education and have failed to be recognized nationally and internationally for the excellence of his academic output, reflected in the comprehensive training and professional quality of its graduates, the level of service and other activities and in a continuous process of technological modernization.

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College Dulce Sister

The universe of the research was composed for pupils of the alfabetizao of the College Dulce Sister, with age between five and six years, where if it has children of some social levels, thus giving a more coherent vision of the subject. Searching to specify as the communication it acts excessively in the mind of this new generation, acting in the behavior change. The worked sample was of 56,6% of the universe of pupils and its respective responsible parents or. The comment of the behavior evaluated to each was used for collections of data twenty minutes in the classroom and application of closed questionnaires with the half-open pupils and with the parents of these pupils, beyond pertaining to school the object listing used by the same ones. The comment was given of simple form, being a distant expectador of the group and without interaction, which wrote down the predominant behavior of subject to each twenty minutes.

The questionnaires possuam five objective questions, in which the respondent citizen made choice between the presented alternatives and its parents had answered four objective procedural questions and one of subjective form, in which the citizens had expressed its respondent opinions. The object listing was made with the presence of the teacher in the interval of the lessons, where if it wrote down the objects that had figures of personages of the television, as: livened up super-heroes, drawings, novel personages, amongst more. After the collection of the data, the same ones had been dealt with discrete quantitative form. Being used the statistical method to quantify and to represent them, thus making the correlation of the results with the theoretical sustentation of the authors mentioned in elapsing of the research, presenting Yes, in some cases. Why the child is learning the things, then everything that it sees or listening, pra it is an example.

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Oretania Digital Price

Unstoppable rise in the price of the Perc as a result of the progressive ban on part of the environmental authorities of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) the price of the PERC is rising as the foam. Currently in Europe, there are only two companies that manufacture this solvent for dry-cleaning, when a year ago were 6 companies which lo hacian. The trend is that the price still suvbiendo by the confluence of two factors, the rise in the price of a barrel of oil and the progressive prohibition of these compounds by the authorities. All this more expensive every time the functioning of traditional dry-cleaners, which work with solvents or hydrocarbons, and makes them less competitive. Complaints of the professionals of the sector in a forum specialized dyers there are increasingly more complaints and lamentations about the relentless aumenot of the price of this VOC and above all because the prespective is that this continues to increase. Here you can see the forum where the dry cleaning professionals in common put their points of view on this topic.

In the first post explains very well what the problem: today I called my provider of per. Gives me the news that since last week has gone up 70 cents per kilo, and assumes that it down not the reason is that 5 or 6 factories that they produced it in Europe there are only 3 or 2, both tri as per good all chlorinated are rising. Greetings mur Tenologia alternatives to dry cleaning they don’t dry cleaners know is that already exist in the market technologies that allow you to replace the wash dry completely and giving more quality final results at a cost approximately 50% lower both in initial investment as in daily expenses of washing (electricity, water, soaps and waste collection). Source: Press release sent by ecological. The Tri concert at Latin Quarter Event New York Remezcla.com solvents oil paintings PDF Free Books Download VIDEO Y LETRA Hey Tri MUSIC of heard of the song Tri Hey Tri poverty in Latin America will drop to 180 million people Paraguay.com La Cruz will also lower tomorrow at the Almaden mine Oretania Digital

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The regrettable atmosphere that is breathed in some jobs, sometimes, is so clear and so obvious, even for a stranger who came visiting, it would be easily detectable. Needless to say, in the suffocating it becomes for those who have to spend eight or more hours a day there. On the other hand, the human resources company Adecco, in a poll called what you want to be more?, made more than two thousand children, came to the conclusion that Spanish children think that money does not bring happiness, and only 19.8% of small prepended to earn big money to engage in work that they like, so 75% of Spanish children think that money does not give happiness and give more importance to do what they want to do, in a good working environment, than to have job stability or to earn more money. Tell the little ones who do not want to be like their parents, and while children prefer to be football players, police officers or engineers, girls tell wanting to devote himself to be teachers, veterinary or doctors. But, what is a good work environment?.

We refer to a business philosophy that the worker feels contributing to the success of it, either with their level of training, with its sense of responsibility, his master or his capacity for work. These work environments, tend to encourage much teamwork and decision-making is, the result of the open and constructive dialogue. Also the search for solutions to problems and new challenges, is consensual or at least consulted with the workers. Aspects that make the difference between a good and bad environment, which has much to say the leader, since being in a command post, involves putting all the perseverance and effort necessary to enable workers to either have what they have been entrusted, and feel part of the company. A good working environment is becoming a luxury, and pursuant to what was said, it seems easier to negotiate good economic conditions in a work environment in which one feels to taste, which achieve a working environment pollutant (albeit job economically attractive), to improve. There is no salary that compensate so much discomfort. Original author and source of the article.

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Roberto Mendoza

I am Roberto Mendoza how these? and recently I found some reasons why die our ideas, clear that if you have more deductions of because our ideas die, place them as a comment under this blog! 1 Leave to spend time and feed the doubt and our fears are made larger as time passes. 2. Give our power to someone else would prefer someone else to make the risk for us, rather than take control of our lives and take responsibility for our actions. We consulted the opinion of people that has not gone through that experience or afraid to live that experience, and say that people simply do not do this, that people have much more insecurity than you imagine. 3 We believe not be enough good or capable to realize our ideas, we have so much fear of failing that we ended up realizing our worst fear, a student I showed this detail. 4. Have much fear of being mistaken: at least I can speak of my same, I grew up next to a teacher who was everything towards both qualified that I thought that they not worth worth my ideas, I felt ignored, I say it because we usually tend to qualify our ideas, we are perfectionists and always want things we go well.

This point think further for another newsletter. 5 Ask ourselves hard to reach goals: when I start to plating too big goals, I start to distract myself with anything that I come to head, I start to give lazy carry out all activities, and I begin to autosabotearme. Sounds you known?. However, when I begin to decompose my goal into smaller objectives I begin to enjoy the moment and begin to find new ideas that are beginning to flow in harmony with my feelings. 6 Started to compare us: when we started to compare us with someone else we started to lose our power, we do not believe that our ideas are brilliant and we stopped believing in ourselves, because there are people who are experts in the topic, and us We feel inferior because we do not believe to be able to succeed.

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The holistic education is education that humanity needs, take it out requires a great effort to convert educational institutions in learning communities for which this vision of integrality, spirituality and brotherhood can be applied. According to the work of Dr. Gallegos Nava 3, the holistic education can be defined in the following manner: holistic education is a pedagogy of universal love, a process to form integral human beings, a conduit to nurture the best of the human spirit. Holistic education is a practice integral to the transformation of consciousness, a way of direct experience of own subjectivity that allows us to awaken to the knowledge of our true spiritual nature. Holistic education is a multidimensional vision, multilevel and multicuadrante build a great synthesis of human knowledge, science-oriented and the spirituality. Related Group describes an additional similar source. Holistic education aims to promote compassionate human beings who live in the flame of universal love with cross-cultural universal values and are interested in the welfare of all beings.

Holistic education nurtures the intelligence, certainty, inner peace, generosity, fairness, compassion, spirituality, universal love, creativity, happiness, fraternity, Concord, patience, responsibility, etc. The evolution of consciousness it is intended to make possible the harmonious development of all the capabilities of the human being, aimed at the construction of a harmonious world and individual accomplishment. In education holistic is the conduit for the evolution of consciousness, from an existential egocentric Stadium itself modern and postmodern cultures to a conscience holistic, own a transmodern culture. Holistic education is a construction of second grade, promoter of an integral and permanent, learning that considers the student in its entirety, as a being emotional, cognitive, aesthetic, social, physical and spiritual. In holistic education, epistemological pluralism allows us to recognize the fundamental relationship between being and knowing, considers that the reality has different levels of depth and that each one of these levels should be studied with bases espistemologicas different, complementary, congruent, articulated in a comprehensive model of knowledge.

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Riester Fund Vergleich

Probably some uni professional pension customers can not quite understand our judgment, because their money is just not in the equity funds UniGlobal and does not take part in the global upswing of in equity markets. Worse, The Union has redeployed all their money at the time, as the stock market had fallen quite some time. “It is true that the two opinions within the editorial by FINANZtest contrary to each other. Should you believe now what judgement? Independent analysts at Riester Fund Vergleich.de join the opinion by FINANZtest from 2008 that the UniProfirente is not recommended for investors who want to put on equity funds. Read more from Related Group to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Sooner or later they will get a pure bond funds instead. They should find a different provider. Because the encountered defects in the UniProfirente had led to great resentment among their customers.

So, the UniProfirente diversification by some customers accounts end 2008 to unfavourable sales courses from the stock fund UniGlobal UniEuroRenta Pension Fund, leaving investors with these old parts may back ever again in the stock fund. Nir Barzilai, M.D. can provide more clarity in the matter. That is, you could no longer take part in the following stock market upswing in 2009, now and in the future may not. Old-age provision strongly advises Riester Fund Vergleich.de of all Riester customers and Riester prospects by the UniProfirente according to the principle of “Hans IM Gluck” for this reason. Because of the structural defects of the UniProfirente is the stock market boom, not from the world, the systematic error of the concept is still present and it is only a matter of time before it finds the next customer. And Riester customer, you should make the same mistake twice and is looking for another provider. Sure is, that the next stock market collapse will follow in the next three to seven years and many customers of the UniProfirente then again will fall into the same pension trap (cash-lock case), such as end of 2008.

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